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“A very fresh and objective approach to the genre. Not only is it inspiring for its careful selection of visual references, but it covers vital information for the aspiring professional - how to select the most effective sketch style to fit a certain design task. From technical communication to highly emotional renderings aimed at seducing the viewer, Learning Curves delivers the full span. The book has become a reference and will stay very close to my desk at work, together with other big titles like Design Sketching.”

Demian Horst, Programme Director for Transportation Design Education at UID, Sweden.

“After several reading sessions, many flick throughs admiring the stunning sketches and pondering the great tips, and in between thinking ‘my god I need to polish my sketching skills’, I have come to believe that Learning Curves is probably the best design sketching book released in 20 years. Learning Curves is an extremely well written and informative design sketching book that will assist product designers or industrial designers of any level to build and develop their design sketching skills.”

Raph Goldsworthy – Design Droplets.

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“…What strikes most is the quality and the impressive quantity and variety of the information included, which would take very long time to gather and select from other sources. This makes “Learning Curves” a must-have instructional and reference book for any design student or professional interested in learning, reading more, or just finding new ideas.”

Car Body Design Book review

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Learning Curves is a great addition to any sketcher’s library- whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.”

Dave Vogler – Fuel Your Product Design.

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“My library contains around 10 books about industrial design sketching, but I believe that this new one [Learning Curves] is my current favorite book among them. It is definitely a super inspiring guide for beginners and skilled sketchers to become even better, or just to get motivated and pick up some sketching tools to sketch right away.”

Waikit Chung – Product Design Hub.

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“...I highly recommend it. I would have to say that Design Sketching is the best drawing book in a long time and continues on the tradition of sketching within design. It is clear and concise about what sketching can and is used for. I thank the creators and each contributor for taking the time to develop such a valuable tool for the entire design world. Many Prismacolor pencils will be sharpened in their name.”

Dominic Peralta - Industrial Designers Society of America officer

“...There are very few books in the area of industrial design and even fewer good textbooks. I believe that this is a good instructional text. I urge teachers to make it recommended reading for every industrial design student. "Design Sketching" is probably the best book available on illustration techniques for industrial designers. It should be part of your personal and your institution’s library.”

Rob Curedale - Industrial Design, Professor College for Creative Studies, University of California